Wi-Fi Policy

Welcome to the Eden Futures Guest Wi-Fi

 By logging onto this system you are accepting the following usage policy:

The facilities must be used in a responsible manner – in particular, you must not:

  1. Create, transmit or, cause to be transmitted material which is designed or likely cause annoyance, inconvenience, needless anxiety or offence, and you must not create, transmit or, cause to be transmitted offensive obscene or indecent material.
  2. Create, transmit or cause to be transmitted defamatory material.
  3. Create, transmit or, cause to be transmitted material such that the copyright of another person is, infringed.
  4. Download any files unless virus scanned.
  5. Gain deliberate unauthorised access, to facilities accessible via local or national networks.
  6. Send any message which is abusive, humiliating, hostile or, intimidating.
  7. You must not gain unauthorised access to or violate the privacy of others.

Eden Futures reserves the right to monitor activity and communications.

If you have any questions please contact Eden Futures IT Help Desk on 01636 555 188