Following the success of our services in nearby Wellington, we spent time with the Staffordshire commissioners to understand what their future demand was. It was quickly identified that whilst there were lots of Registered Care homes, there was nowhere for people to move on to as they became more independent.

Our team quickly identified a decommissioned pub that was being converted into self-contained studios but that had the opportunity for community kitchen and dining areas on each floor.

This innovative approach where people could have their own front door but could also access community space and have that community contact seemed ideal for people transitioning from shared houses to truly independent living.

Please see the brochure for more details

Following the success of our first service in Stafford, our second was built due to demand in the area in 2018. This service was a refurbished and renovated existing apartment block, with the added advantage of having two bungalows built in the grounds; this has enabled a different offering where people with mobility needs have been able to access our services.

In these apartments and bungalows, we support people with learning disabilities, autism and enduring mental health needs to have their own front door – with staff based in an inobtrusive hub in the grounds.

Please see the brochure for more details