Where Nottingham City is a very developed area it is difficult sometimes to find property that enables those we support to be part of the community, but at the same time have some space so that the hustle and bustle of city life does not over-face them.

With that in mind, our operations and service development teams were set the task of finding a property that could have 10–12 single person apartments, near the city centre, but not in an area that was too busy, and with great transport and amenities nearby.

Rather than just look at existing general needs housing, the team looked at office properties that could be converted into flats under the permitted development planning regulations. Once again, an innovative approach to the problem produced a fantastic property opposite one of the largest parks in Nottingham and ticking all the boxes we set out.

All 12 apartments filled within 11 weeks – making it one of our most successful developments to date – and a sure hit with commissioners and tenants alike.

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