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Eden Futures support people across a large section of Northern and Central England. With services as far north as Barrow in Cumbria, and over 100 services along the way as you travel down to our southernmost services in Warwickshire.

We provide support to people who live in a range of different properties from single person houses, shared houses, and apartment blocks. Part of the support we provide is to enable service users to manage to live in their properties and this includes the day to day management of their tenancy. In the majority of support areas the landlord is a registered housing provider. In a small number of areas, we support individuals to manage their tenancy with a private landlord.

We do not own any property in which service users live. We work in partnership with housing providers where we provide support and believe that the excellent relationships we have developed with landlords and housing providers enables service users to be supported effectively and benefit from the opportunity of living in their own home and having all the rights and responsibilities associated with this.

We will work with housing providers in a proactive and supportive way to ensure that high quality housing options are available to service users both in areas we already support and in new areas where we have begun working with commissioners to provide care.

We are supportive of housing partners and believe that the aims of sourcing and building community housing options with access to local facilities and amenities is in the interest of both commissioners and prospective service users to whom we may be asked to deliver support.

As a responsible support provider, we wish to support service users to live in accommodation that meets their physical and emotional needs and we therefore liaise with housing providers to support them to deliver this in areas that commissioners have identified that they need such accommodation options.

Once a property is completed and places are offered to service users, we will support them to meet identified outcomes and build a life in their new home using the support hours identified for them through assessment. If they decide over time that they wish an alternative provider to provide their individual care, then we support their right to make that choice.

Please send any enquiry about support to info@edenfutures.org

Examples of recent developments where we are now providing support to individuals in their own homes can be seen below


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