Our Properties

Eden Futures support people across a large section of Northern and Central England. With services as far north as Barrow in Cumbria, and over 100 services along the way as you travel down to our southernmost services in Warwickshire.

We provide support in a range of different properties from single person houses, shared houses, and apartment blocks. We as a company do not own those house – the people we support have their own tenancies with a housing association or landlord – as we are first and foremost a support provider. We do however source potential housing and work with registered housing associations and developers to adapt or build housing that we feel would suit the needs of those we support.

Over the years we have built some great relationships with key housing partners and we bring between 7–10 new properties to the supported housing market every year – increasing our capacity by between 70–120 new apartments/bedrooms.

When we look for a new property, our service development team work with our Regional Directors and Area Managers to identify where the local authorities may have capacity issues and we then speak with those commissioners to better understand what they need.
With that shopping list of requirements in hand, we use our contacts to spot potential properties. Once identified, we take the opportunity through a rigorous process to ensure that it will meet local needs and assure ourselves that we can deliver a safe, effective, and sustainable service in that location. We look at everything from local bus routes, shop locations, work opportunities, staff recruitment, parking, amenities, and general environment to make sure we are developing an opportunity that really helps people feel part of a community and have the chance to flourish.

We are happy to talk to private landlords, registered housing providers and property investors. Please send your enquiry to info@edenfutures.org

Examples of our more recent developments can be seen below.


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  • East Yorkshire

Bamber Bridge

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Derby City

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