Specialist Service Manager

Reporting to: Area Manager

Salary Band: £24,000 – £26,000

Terms & Conditions:
  • Death in Service – Cover 2 x Salary.
  • Westfield – Level 2 at entry Level 3 after 5 years continuous service.
  • Long Term Sickness Insurance Cover (beyond 6 months).
  • Individual Group Pension Scheme (matched contributions up to a maximum of 3%).

Annual Leave entitlement (minimum 20 days, maximum 25 days) plus bank holidays.

Role Specification – Specialist Service Manager

Achieving Outcomes for Service Users with Complex Behavioural Challenges


Provide specialist knowledge through experience about how individuals’ desired outcomes can be achieved and evidence that progress is being made in this area for each person we support; specifically this would include outcomes regarding increasing someone’s independence through a reduction in challenging behaviour.  Ensure that the support in the service is dynamic and responsive so that each individual’s identified outcomes are always at the forefront of all support that we offer.

  • Ensure that upon admission into services, an Outcome Star reading is completed using all available assessment documentation and in consultation with the person, appropriate family members and professionals.
  • Work with the Behavioural Support Practitioner (BSP) to have a current support plan which is directly linked with the Outcome Star reading and Action Plan.
  • Review the Outcome Star, action plan and support plans every three months with all relevant professionals, internal and external to the organisation.
  • Ensure that all support plans have a clear strategy within them for managing behaviour that may challenge and using Positive Behavioural Support planning, including behaviour analysis, as the model by which all support plans are written.
  • Lead by example within the team, ensuring that hours are worked alongside the person we are supporting and the support workers so that strategies can be assessed for effectiveness and any staff errors can be addressed quickly.
  • Identify and respond quickly to any issues with current strategies with the BSP and external professionals and the staff team so that support plans can be altered quickly in the best interest of the person we are supporting.
  • Engender a culture of progression and positivity in line with Eden’s core values and challenge the staff team to constantly aim for the best outcomes for the people we support.

Leading Specialist Services


Provide clear and structured day to day leadership, management and support to the local team in order to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered at all times.

  • Ensure that all new team members are appropriately recruited into the Company and analyse initial training and development needs.
  • Oversee the mentoring system, ensuring new members of staff are successfully inducted into the Company.
  • In conjunction with the training department, ensure staff receive the correct training both at induction and further training.
  • Provide regular structured supervision to the staff team in line with Company policy and procedure and in partnership with the Behavioural Support Practitioners where matters concerning behavioural issues require discussion.
  • Ensure personal reviews are held annually for each member of staff and take an active role in the development of all staff in the team.
  • Ensure that duties of all staff within the service are clearly defined and carried out.
  • Identify areas for training / development within the team and communicate this need to the training department if relevant.
  • Ensure staff meetings are conducted in a professional and constructive manner and points addressed.
  • Provide and source hands-on clinical guidance, support and leadership in relation to best practice when supporting people who challenge.
  • Undertake on-call duties as required and respond to call outs if needed in order to maintain a safe service.
  • Ensure all team members receive adequate and appropriate support and debriefing to meet their needs in relation to supporting people who challenge.
  • Respond to poor performance or conduct issues in a fair and consistent manner using the Company procedure.
  • Monitor attendance and conduct return-to-work interviews as required in accordance with Company policy and procedure.
  • Ensure staff complete timesheets / annual leave requests appropriately.

Shaping Services


Proactively assist in seeking out new opportunities for growth and development of the service whilst protecting and safeguarding the Company’s values and culture.

  • Attend assessments for potential new packages of care and support as required with the senior management team.
  • Implement induction/assessment programmes for all new service users, in conjunction with the wider management team.
  • In conjunction with the wider management team, promote joint working when overseeing the transition for new / moving service users – ensuring all support needs are met both within the transition period and ongoing.
  • In conjunction with the management team, recruit and select new staff taking an active part in the interview process.
  • Ensure the skills and expertise of successful applicants reflect the individual needs of the service users.

Delivering Positive Outcomes


Understand and promote a person centred and needs led approach in order to deliver a quality service which fully complies with the Eden philosophy, values, policies and procedures.

  • Lead the staff in enabling the service users to live fulfilling lives based around their individual needs and aspirations. Promote a respectful person-centred approach by fostering and leading in a non-aversive, supportive manner.
  • Undertake responsibility and effectively manage the team(s) whilst ensuring a high profile within the properties.
  • In conjunction with the management team ensure that all staff are complying with Company policy and our obligation to the service users.
  • Ensure service users receive their commissioned hours and manage the delivery of those hours in line with service users’ needs and preferences.
  • Monitor and audit systems and records to ensure that the Company’s standards are being maintained and service users’ needs are being met.
  • Ensure properties are fully staffed by arranging for shifts to be covered when colleagues are absent.
  • Ensure service user reviews are held in a professional manner and organise venue and attendance if required ensuring any issues arising are responded to appropriately.
  • Ensure reviews are held according to the needs of the service user and promote a person-centred approach to the preparation of the review involving the service user.
  • In partnership with the managers and staff generate person-centred support plans for all service users and ensure the ongoing review of the appropriateness to their needs.
  • Ensure appropriate risk assessments are in place and implemented to safeguard the wellbeing of the service users. Work in conjunction with the wider team and the multi-disciplinary team for those of a more complex nature.
  • If appropriate, assess, plan and implement individual reactive strategies (IRS) to ensure health, safety and wellbeing of service users and staff.
  • Ensure staff and house meetings are held at required intervals and ensure feedback from the service users and staff is responded to appropriately.
  • Oversee the benefit / allowance system, ensuring appropriate funding is sought and support the team to implement procedures within the property for the collection of monies as applicable.
  • In conjunction with the wider management team, implement systems, processes and procedures ensuring the service meets external quality standards and regulations.
  • Have an understanding of the wider implications of the business in relation to the commissioning process, audit and inspection (CQC etc.).
  • Oversee and audit financial procedures within the properties ensuring staff are adhering to the Company’s contractual obligations.
  • Undertake regular property audits to ensure good practice is being adhered to.
  • Undertake on-call alongside colleagues as appropriate. Work on a rota to ensure the service is effectively managed seven days a week.
  • Attend and contribute to management meetings and other team meetings to discuss and share information and progress.

Partnership Working


Establish and maintain relationships with other agencies and the wider circle of support in order to promote joint working and provide a better quality service to the service users.

  • Promote a professional image of the service and the Company at all times.
  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders i.e. Adult Social Care & Health, CCG’s etc.
  • Ensure effective communication is established and maintained throughout the service and with external agencies, service users and their circle of support.
  • Ensure effective partnership working with external training and provider / agencies (i.e. NAS, SaLT and psychology services).

Continuing Personal Development


Be willing to undertake further training or development seeking to enhance knowledge and skills.

  • Participate fully in regular management supervisions, 1:1s and personal reviews being proactive in seeking new opportunities to develop.
  • Undertake and complete Diploma in Health & Social Care level 3 or 4.
  • Undertake and complete Diploma in Management level 5 if relevant.
  • Be willing to undertake further training or development which is deemed essential to fulfilling your role.

Person Specification – Team Manager

Achieving Outcomes for Service Users with Complex Behavioural Challenges
  • Experience in supporting people to achieve defined outcomes specifically related to reducing challenging behaviour and increasing independence.
  • Experience in joint working with other professionals, contributing to the review and creation of strategies for positive behavioural support planning.
  • Experience in working with a range of needs, for example Autism, Learning Disability, Personality Disorder, other Mental Ill Health Needs.
Leading Services
  • Promoting and demonstrating a positive ‘can do’ culture within your own practice.
  • Exhibiting a style which gets the best out of the team and recognises strengths and attitudes therein.
  • Being confident to take responsibility and take action where performance can be improved.
  • Recognising and challenging poor attitudes and values in a timely way.
  • Experience of working closely with people who challenge services and ability to lead by example when a challenging incident occurs.
Shaping Services
  • Identifying what resource is required when delivering services.
  • Taking into account the potential impact of external factors on the service provided such as pressure of commissioners.
Delivering Positive Outcomes
  • Encouraging those who use the services and their wider circle of support to express their views in how the service is delivered.
  • Showing commitment to responding to the needs and wants of people who use services.
  • Encouraging a culture where people can raise concerns about safety.
  • Having experience of managing services and ensuring compliance.
Partnership Working
  • Ability to listen, support others, gain trust and show understanding by recognising different perspectives.
  • Seizing opportunities to work in collaboration with others within the organisation and across other agencies.
  • Confidently communicating in an open accurate and straightforward way, using appropriate language.
Continuing Personal Development
  • Personally showing self-awareness and gives thought to actions and behaviours.
  • Challenging themselves to try new things, reflecting on own development when leading their team.
  • Demonstrating CPD (i.e. achieved or working towards level 3 in H&SC and/or Management).
Personal Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines.
  • Good sense of humour, approachable and driven to achieve.
  • Ability to manage own workload independently but work as a valued team member.
  • Good IT skills.
  • Current Driving Licence.



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