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Promoting positive mental health and enabling individuals to live as independently as possible
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Supporting people on their journey towards greater independence
Health Investor Specialist Care Provider of the Year 2020
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Operations Manager (Estates)

Job Title: Operations Manager (Estates)

Closing Date: 31-Dec-2021

Location: Regional

Part or Full Time: Full time

Salary: £28,000 to £32,000

The role of Operations Manager (Estates) is to plan, coordinate and supervise all activities related to maintenance, repair of the property estate. This includes office buildings, service offices and sleep-in rooms and a small number of residential properties. This role will be responsible for providing a range of services to the property owners, registered providers and leaseholders, and will include an element of financial and budgetary management and organising necessary maintenance works within a set budget.

The responsibilities of the role include:

  • Undertake regular visits to the portfolio and ensure all properties meet expected standards for their intended use.
  • Ensure the property database is kept up to date and contains all relevant information
  • Liaise with service users, directors, registered providers and local authorities to ensure any property related issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • Ensure company policies are followed when allocating work to external contractors.
  • Prepare annual service charge budgets where applicable
  • Project manage any major works on the portfolio
  • Line management within the maintenance department.
  • Introduce new ways of working and technology to drive the lean operation of the maintenance team ensuring all relevant KPI’s are captured and reported
  • Being part of the project team for new services and working effectively with social landlords and operational teams to support the opening of new services.
  • Assisting with maintenance repairs from time to time if required.

1. Main Duties / Responsibilities

  • Capacity plan and manage the team and any outsourced contractors to:
      Manage the office estate to maintain a professional working environment
      Manage the sleep rooms and company offices across the estate to ensure they maintain a fit and proper place for employees to work / rest
      Ensure all our properties meet the minimum property standards and ensure any that do not comply are brought up to standard quickly and efficiently
  • Ensure that property development projects meet business developments and goals, fulfil end -user requirements, and identify and resolve any property related issues. Work closely with the Service Development Team to achieve this objective. This will include being part of the project team from the outset.
  • Liaise effectively with all external parties where required. This will include, but is not limited to, Registered Social Landlords; Private landlords; commissioners of care; contractors and external companies.
  • Ensure all service user damage is recorded and provide support in the recouping of costs where possible.
  • Manage the maintenance department to ensure resources are utilised efficiently and effectively. Introduce mobile technology to ensure we can capture and report on all maintenance KPI’s
  • Ensure that proper record keeping and contract filing is kept up to date and accessible with both physical and virtual environments
  • Develop and maintain approved supplier lists across the portfolio
  • Manage the sourcing of contractors for both regular work and one-off jobs in accordance with company Procurement policies.
  • Monitor the use of any vehicles used within the maintenance team and ensure MOT and servicing requirements are met.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant working regulations and certification for both in house teams and external contractors and manage the process of on-boarding and reviewing contractors to evidence they meet all company requirements.
  • Work with senior management to provide appropriate solutions to identified business priorities
  • Ensure focus is on the correct KPI’s and they reflect the direction of the Group
  • Ensure Health & Safety standards are met and maintained
  • Undertake project and other duties as needed from time to time by the business

2. Position Requirements

Experience and skills:
• A maintenance or property background which includes practical experience (E) and a good knowledge of the requirements of general building maintenance.
• Experience in larger building projects or remedial works (D)
• Good IT Skills to maintain the property and database (E)
• Experience of using mobile workforce management technology (D)
• A Full UK Driving License (E)
• Excellent track record (E)

Personal Attributes:
• Strong customer service orientation
• Ability to think flexibly and respond to changing priorities effectively.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to exercise judgement and restraint when dealing with highly confidential data
• Excellent listening and interpersonal skills
• Ability to communicate ideas in both formal and user-friendly language
• Highly self-motivated and directed
• Keen attention to detail
• Able to work as part of both the property team and the wider organisational team.

The job description is indicative of the nature of the tasks to be carried out and is not intended to be an exhaustive list. The job description may need to be amended from time to time with the post holder.