Quality Manager

Reporting to: Head of Quality

The post holder will be required to:

  • Work with the Head of Quality and Compliance to develop and implement governance procedures ensuring that services across the organisation are audited effectively, that an integrated approach to governance is achieved, and offering objective feedback on the quality of support delivered by our services.
  • Be part of a team providing advice, support and education on quality, governance and risk management in both a proactive and, where necessary, a reactive way.
  • Advise the operational team so that they can comply with all necessary legislation, external inspection, professional standards and local policies with the objective being the delivery of an outstanding service for the people we support.
  • Communicate with external agencies and staff at all levels from other trusts in relation to incident and complaint investigations when required.
  • Conduct investigations where appropriate and produce RCAs to support findings ensuring learning from incidents, complaints and litigation is disseminated.
  • Provide the operations team with clear guidance and action plans following auditing and/or investigation.
  • With the Head of Quality, develop protocols/policies around Risk Management to meet any changes in legislation or regulatory frameworks so that the operational team can expedite any changes required.
  • Have responsibilities to ensure that policies and procedures are updated and reviewed when legislation or organisational change requires it.
  • With the Head of Quality, develop and deliver training and development for employees on all new legislative changes and developments in the supported living and domiciliary sector, or any other areas identified as being required to ensure that Eden Futures delivers a good standard of care and support.
  • Be a strong advocate for the group both internally and externally and promote the work of the organisation to all stakeholders in a positive manner.
  • Monitor and analyse trends and anomalies in the ERIC system to ensure that Eden Futures can respond quickly an improve practice where required.
  • Attend Operational Team Meetings, giving feedback and reporting on quality matters within the region and feeding back any quality matters to the Head of Quality within the Integrated Governance Structure.
  • Work with the Head of Quality to ensure that CQC notifications are collated and reviewed so that the relevant operational teams can take action when necessary, and to identify trends or areas where additional resource may be required.
  • Have an overview of the organisation’s DoLs register, maintaining the register and supporting and reviewing the register to ensure that the organisation is compliant with the expectations within individual authorisations.
  • To be a visible presence within the services, both during announced and where possible unannounced visits, so that areas of concern can be identified and raised with the operational team.
  • Keep abreast of all current and changing legislation which may affect the company, and working with the Head of Quality to keep the organisation informed of such changes so that strategy for implementation and change can be informed in a timely way.


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