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Supporting people on their journey towards greater independence
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Providing high-quality, person-centred care that offers enablement for people with disabilities and support needs
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Promoting positive mental health and enabling individuals to live as independently as possible
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Using our experience and clinical expertise to help people achieve fulfilling and independent lives
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Supporting people on their journey towards greater independence
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Promoting positive mental health and enabling individuals to live as independently as possible
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Supporting people on their journey towards greater independence
Health Investor Specialist Care Provider of the Year 2020
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Area Manager

Job Title:            Area Manager
Closing Date:      31-Aug-2021
Location:            Scunthorpe and Cleethorpes
Part or Full Time:      Full time
Description of Vacancy
Eden Futures provides high quality, person centered care, support and enablement for people with disabilities and support needs. We develop services around the individual at all stages of their care pathway from treatment and support under the Mental Health Act, on discharge from hospital under a CTO, to lifestyle support in the community.

Reporting to: Regional Operations Director

Purposes of the Role

The Area Manager will lead services effectively and ensure that we are responsive to those we support in a caring and safe environment whilst ensuring we are meeting legislative obligations and compliance requirements.

The responsibilities of the Area Manager include:

Section A: Leading Services

Section B: Shaping Services

Section C: Delivering Positive Outcomes

Section D: Partnership Working

Section E: Continuing Personal Development

Section A. Leading Services
Purpose: Creating an environment in which others have the confidence and opportunity to develop.

Ensuring the vision of the organisation is translated into everyday service delivery by supporting those within the service to capture the wider business strategy.

Leading those you manage through supervision, PDR, training and continuous development.

Promoting and demonstrating a positive ‘can do’ culture within your own practice and behaviour encouraging these attributes within the team.

Holding those you manage accountable by understanding the expectations of all roles within the service, ensuring the support and resources are provided.

Making considered decisions which are then communicated in a clear and timely manner.

Section B. Shaping Services

Purpose: Gathering information that enables evidence-based challenges to systems and processes, with the aim of identifying opportunities for service improvements.

Identifying the needs of the individual referred to services and propose a package of support.

Designing and implementing all aspects of the commissioned package identifying; property and staffing requirements in relation to the identified needs.

Overseeing the appropriate recruitment and selection of employees at each level and in conjunction with HR, ensuring appropriate staffing levels are maintained.

Delivering responsive, effective safe care and support in a person centred manner.

Ensuring the service and those within it adhere to organisational, legislative and contractual obligations.

Ensuring services meet the requirements of CQC registration.

Establishing good relationships with families, commissioners, advocates and other professionals involved in the care of the individual.

In conjunction with other departments, confirm the delivery of contracted hours and establish payment arrangements are in place.

Identifying bespoke learning and development requirements for effectively supporting individuals where appropriate whilst ensuring all mandatory training is current.

Continually reviewing and evaluating the service to identify the potential for improvements.

Section C. Delivering Positive Outcomes
Purpose: Integrating the expectations of a broad range of stakeholders to develop a coherent, joined up and sustainable strategy which supports the delivery of quality services.

Ensuring outcomes for those within our services are met and reviewed in recognition of personal growth and development.

Guiding practice within the team, delivering outcomes-based and person-centred services.

Assessing and managing the risks associated with developing services whilst promoting growth.

Balancing the individual’s rights and choices with delivering duty of care.

Delivering the outcomes identified in the Quality Governance Strategy and Value Creation Plan as appropriate.

Responding to the local need, filling voids within the service in a timely manner whilst supporting individual preferences, wishes and desires.

Supporting colleagues in monitoring and managing KPI data e.g. employee retention, sickness absence levels and void fill.

Section D. Partnership Working
Purpose: Working in partnership with people who use our services, their families and representatives, health and social care and other professionals and colleagues to deliver and improve services.

Enhancing the quality of our services by developing and sustaining sound relationships with key stakeholders such as those who use our services, their families, ASCH, CCGs and other agencies.

Ensuring effective communication is established throughout the service and with external agencies.

Identifying opportunities where working in collaboration with others within and across networks can bring added value and growth

Section E. Continuing Personal Development
Purpose: Actively seeking opportunities and challenges for personal learning and development.

Gaining a robust understanding of the organisation and the market along with current trends, drivers and limitations. Actively participating in regular management supervisions, 1:1 and reviews seeking new opportunities for personal growth.

Developing a personal development plan and maintain a continuing professional development journal.

Section F: Registered Manager Responsibilities
Purpose: Undertaking the responsibility of Registered Manager as appropriate, leading the team through the compliance process as laid out in the CQC regulations.

Registration must take place on day one of employment and should be completed as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event, registration should be completed no later than 6 months of the start date.

To report any delays of the registration process in writing to the Regional Operations Director with details/evidence of the delay in order for the company to assist in the application wherever possible

To comply with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 7 as detailed below:

A person (M) shall not manage the carrying on of a regulated activity as a registered manager unless M is fit to do so

M is not fit to be a registered manager in respect of a regulated activity unless M is of good character

Has the necessary qualifications, competence, skills and experience to manage the carrying on of the regulated activity

Able by reason of M’s health, after reasonable adjustments are made in line with the Equality Act (2010)