Working successfully to boost self-esteem

Our team in Telford has successfully delivered choice and control for an individual with Asperger’s Syndrome; mental health needs; and significant health issues. His autism affects his understanding of how his health impacts his life in the long term, and the team has shown resilience and compassion in supporting him through a traumatic experience, respecting his wishes, yet at the same time working with professionals responsively to get the best and appropriate treatment.

Formerly, he had been in and out of hospital with ulcerated feet, at risk of septicaemia, severe dehydration and was willing for the solution to be as drastic as having his feet amputated so that he did not have to engage with support.

Working through these needs with him, it became apparent that he also had a serious problem with one of his eyes having a detached lens. He refused medical intervention, becoming reclusive and at times challenging.

The team has successfully worked with him to have his health needs appointments introduced sensitively and gradually into his weekly schedule so that he has now gone from being critically ill and at risk of being sectioned, to living successfully in the community with the support of his team. He has progressed so far that of his own volition he approached the team and requested their support with getting this matter surgically resolved.

He tells us that he trusts the team to support him. The dedicated staff support has increased his self-esteem, motivation and zest for life.