Helping people reintegrate with their community

Our Bradford team, supporting a very complex individual whom some thought would never be able to access his own community again, are the epitome of Eden Futures’ values.

‘A’ had lived in a secure hospital environment where his learning disabilities and Autism resulted in very challenging behaviour towards his family and support staff. What was meant to be a short term solution ended in ‘A’ remaining there for more than two years.

A brave decision was made by Eden Futures and the commissioning authority for ‘A’ to move into a supported living environment where he would receive the specialist care and support required.

The team has been resilient in managing many setbacks during the past two years, and their compassion and positivity have meant that the end goal was never in doubt. The team have worked tirelessly with the housing provider, health teams and our own Autism Lead to make supported living possible for a very complex and challenging young man.

Two years on, the individual now accesses the community on a daily basis, with plans for participation in sporting activities and events.

In order to realise these incredibly significant achievements, it has required high levels of patience, courage, bravery and fortitude from the individual and their support team. Evidence of the joy, pleasure and relief is demonstrated in ‘A’s’ current demeanour and in pictures he has taken and shared, of his happiness.