Our Supported Living Services needs you!

With a business commitment to open new services to support people in their homes, our immediate plans include two further schemes in Hull, and ones in Chesterfield, Nuneaton, Newark, Stoke, Leeds, Birmingham and Derby City. This means we need to fill a further 250 full time job posts for professional, skilled workers over the next few years. We’re undertaking a significant recruitment drive across the Midlands and North of England to provide specialist assistance for people in supported living.

You may have seen our adverts – either on our website, social media or through job sites – and sometimes it’s hard to put into a few words all that we do – either to people looking for a job in health and social care for the first time, or someone looking to move to us within the sector.

So what better way to explain it, than by one of our own team members! It’s safe to say that no day is the same, it’s challenging but rewarding too. Here’s our Nottingham Area Manager, Janine Follett on her experience of working here:

“I’ve worked for Eden Futures for five years and it’s the best experience that I’ve ever had working with an employer.”

“My first introduction to social care was six months prior to starting with Eden Futures when I was a domiciliary care worker. I felt there was something missing when working with the people I supported. I now know what that is – I wanted to spend quality time and build positive relationships with the people I cared for.”

“I was initially worried about working with adults who are autistic, have learning disabilities, enduring mental ill health or high support needs due to not having prior experience or knowledge. My worries went with the training provided internally though. I felt so supported and not one question I had was silly. The training team allayed my fears and worries and helped me to see that my life experiences were qualities which I could use positively. Eden Futures recruits not just for experience but also for the core values of their employees.”

“Since joining Eden Futures I’ve had the opportunity to build my career from support worker to Team Manager and now Registered Area Manager. In each role, I’ve been able to develop myself and my staff team, including helping them through their own development into new roles.”

“Recently I’ve opened a brand-new property in a new location for the company and built up relationships with the commissioners with whom we work closely. This has resulted in positive outcomes for the people we support including developing their skills and ability to become more independent living in their community.”

“I’d highly recommend Eden Futures as an employer. Through its company values, Westfield Health scheme, support with well-being, the different people we provide support for and the ample opportunities to develop work and personal skills, these make up just a few of the many highlights of my career so far.”

“I believe that I’ve found the company where I want to dedicate my career and where I belong. So if you’ve not worked in this sector before and believe you can provide quality care, Eden Futures could be the one for you!”