Eden’s Experts by Experience join CQC advisory panel

We’re delighted to announce that Nicola and Stefan, two of our Experts by Experience, have been invited to join a CQC Expert Advisory Panel for Closed Cultures.

The Closed Cultures project looks at how the CQC will check for and tackle closed cultures in services during inspections. The term is defined as a poor culture in a health or care service that increases the risk of harm. This includes abuse and human rights breaches. The development of closed cultures can be deliberate or unintentional – either way it can cause unacceptable harm to a person and their loved ones.

A closed culture can develop anywhere, but the CQC knows there are certain services and groups of people that are at greater risk. This includes services that provide care for people with a learning disability and/or autistic people, and older people who may not have regular contact with families.

Its new guidance on closed cultures will better identify and respond to services that

might be at risk. It was produced with people who use services, Experts by Experience – like Nicola and Stefan -families, Local Healthwatch and stakeholders.

Stefan comments: “Being on the panel gives me a chance to help make a difference to people’s lives and importantly a voice. I may not be able to change past situations, but I can change future ones for others with regards to closed cultures.”

Nicola adds: “I’ve been in an environment with poor culture, so I wanted to share my experiences and hopefully play a part in highlighting issues. In doing so I hope that hospital and care environments, and the quality of care towards people who have mental health and disabilities improves.”

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