Eden Futures service user recruited as an ‘Expert by Experience’

A service user who has been supported by Eden Futures for 8 years is thoroughly enjoying working at Inclusion North as an Expert by Experience.

Gary has extensive knowledge of learning disabilities and a wealth of experience in health and social care. His position at Inclusion North involves taking part in Care and Treatment Reviews requested by the NHS.

Working across Yorkshire and the North East, Gary ensures that people with a learning disability and/or autism who may have a mental health condition, have behavior that challenges, who are in hospital or at risk of going in to hospital are safe, receiving good care and treatment and have a plan for how they can be supported to live good lives in the community.

Gary commented: “I’ve been working for Inclusion North as an Expert by Experience for nearly 3 years now and I’m really enjoying it. I love helping people to make sure that they receive the right care and support.”

Concentrating on individual needs, Gary will take patient’s concerns to the panel for recommendations and as a team they will determine what care needs to be delivered.

Supported by Eden Futures, Gary was initially in a shared house and then progressed into his own self-contained flat when he wanted to move in with his Girlfriend, who is also supported by Eden Futures. They are getting married on October 26 and are very much looking forward to it.

Gary added: “The support I’ve received from Eden Futures over the last 8 years has been fantastic, they’ve had a huge impact on my journey and are always encouraging me to look for opportunities.”