Social Eyes programme boosts confidence

Eden Futures has invested in The National Autistic Society’s ‘SocialEyes’ programme in order help autistic people in their services develop successful coping strategies.

The programme, which has already been used by some service users, aims to ‘explore the social world with people on the autism spectrum.’

The programme was purchased using Eden Futures Autism Fund, which supports service users with both physical items and vocational courses to help them maintain a high quality, independent life.

Designed for individuals or groups, SocialEyes focuses on eight areas that autistic people can have difficulty with, including how to start conversations, personal space, making eye contact and understanding emotions and body language.

One of the first autistic service users at Eden Futures to use the programme reported feeling more comfortable in social situations thanks to an increased self-awareness of personal space when queuing and speaking with others.

She went to add that the confidence she had gained through the programme, enabled her to join her family on a cruise where she found the courage to use some Spanish greetings and order drinks at the bar.

Lorna Durrant, Eden Futures Head of Specialist Strategies & Outcomes commented: “Part of my role as is to ensure that our service users are able to attain the skills they need to live a fulfilling life free from unnecessary restrictions.

“SocialEyes has given autistic people the tools to develop greater confidence. It’s fantastic that the autism fund has helped in this way and to learn that autistic people are already reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication.”