Quality & Governance

Quality Assurance

We are committed to ensuring services adopt a person-centred approach as identified in ‘Person Centred Approach Policy and Procedure’.  Our policies and procedures are developed and reviewed by our internal quality team, led by our Head of Quality and Governance, who directly reports to the CEO and the Board.  


Eden Futures uses an integrated governance approach to manage and direct quality within the company. A series of committees meet either monthly or quarterly (depending upon their function), and report into a monthly Group Integrated Governance Meeting held by the Eden Executive Team. Data is provided by the online incident reporting system (ERIC) and through audit processes.


External oversight is provided by a quarterly Review Board (Quality Council) made up of service users, carers, management, and members of the board.


The board hold a quarterly Integrated Governance Meeting where all inputs from the Integrated Governance Meetings are reviewed along with trends and issues highlighted in ERIC and the company risk register.


Minutes from all meetings are to be made available through ERIC, and any specific actions cascaded to the appropriate level. Feedback on generic quality concerns is to be done through team meetings in each locality.


A quality account will be published on the website on an annual basis.


IG Framework

IG Framework


Meetings follow a specific agenda to ensure consistency and provide a platform for data to be shared around events that have occurred throughout the organisation.  These events are recorded daily on “ERIC” and allows the organisation to identify trends that will lead to appropriate actions taken, ensuring good practice which can be celebrated along with sharing of such achievements.  


Best practice and learning from events is shared through group supervision meetings and also through a monthly update called “Team Roundup” written by the CEO for all staff. It shares data on trends in quality and governance, Health and Safety updates, and updates on the CQC and stories from around the business.