Philosophy of Care

At Eden Futures we believe that all support provided to those whose lives are affected by Autism, should be done so in accordance with the principles of: rights, choice, independence, inclusion and fulfilment.


Every service user should be recognised as an individual with differing needs. The starting presumption is one of independence rather than dependence: each service user should be supported to maximise their independence with the opportunity to act and think without reference to another person. This includes a willingness to incur an acceptable, safe and appropriate degree of risk.


Our philosophy is to facilitate each service user to maximise their access to mainstream services and to be fully included in the local community. Supporting individuals to realise their aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life, to maximise their full potential to develop new and existing skills, achieve respect, equality and autonomy in their everyday life should be at the forefront of our thoughts. Each service user should be given the opportunity to contribute to society and ultimately become empowered citizens, with reasonable adjustments made where necessary.

The Autistic Spectrum

Philosophy of Care

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