Outcome Measures

National Autistic Society Accreditation

The Autism Accreditation programme provides an autism-specific quality assurance programme for hundreds of organisations throughout the UK and across the world. By providing a unified standard of excellence and a systematic framework for continuous self-examination and development, and continuously improve the quality of service provision for people with autism


The Outcome Star™

The Outcomes Star™ both measures and supports progress for service users towards self-reliance or other goals. The Stars are designed to be completed collaboratively as an integral part of keywork. They consists of a number of scales based on an explicit model of change which creates coherence across the whole tool and a Star Chart. The attitudes and behaviour expected at each of the points on each scale are clearly defined, usually in detailed scale descriptions, summary ladders or a quiz format.


Spectrum Star™

Is the Outcomes Star™ for people on the autistic spectrum. The Spectrum Star has been designed for adults of any age, to enable them to manage their autism and to help them make choices which are right for them.

All individuals should have marked improvements in readings. It is expected that individuals will advance along the journey of change towards the ‘blue’ stage which denotes that the support they are receiving is right for them.

The Autistic Spectrum

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Outcome Measures


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