Finding a Place to Live

We support people to choose where they live, working in partnership with many types of housing providers to make this happen.


It is well known that there is a housing shortage for people with support needs; which is why we work proactively with local commissioners and housing providers to widen the choices available for housing and appropriate support options.


Being able to choose where to live and who to live with is an essential part of an independent life.  Many people who receive our support also required housing when they were referred to us.  Although we are not a housing provider, we work in partnership with many different types of housing agents and we have an experienced property team who will source a place to live that suits individual needs and is in a desired location.


We believe that getting the property right is a vital element of our service and key to the success of each package.  We have seen how changing a person’s living environment can have a huge positive impact on their development, whether this be a move into a single occupancy setting or to sharing a house with like minded people.  The breadth and flexibility of our services means that we can continue to support our service users as their wants or aspirations change.


Heanor Flats 


On the whole our service users have their own tenancies which they are responsible for, but if standards fall below the high expectations that we have for people’s homes, then the property and support teams are there to help with negotiations and ensure that the person gets the adjustments or repairs required.  Why not take a look at a sample of our services.



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