Organisational Structure

Inspiring Independence, Enhancing Lives

The origins of Eden Futures are with a company called Eden Supported Living based in Nottinghamshire that started in 1994 supporting people with learning disabilities. Over the years the business became more established and in 2010 the founders handed over the reins to a new owner. Under a new management team, Eden Supported Living grew further and in 2013/14 took over three similar companies in Lincolnshire (Housing and Support Solutions), Warwickshire (Essential Futures), and in the west (Supported Homes Ltd) to create the core of Eden Futures.


Over the same period in the south west the owners of Eden Futures had also been building a very successful group of companies called Select Living Options Group. The companies in that group were Inclusion Care, Assisted Living Solutions, and Assisted Living Solutions South West.


In 2014 it was decided that as the two groups now met up on the Warwickshire/Worcestershire boarders, it was time to operationally merge the two groups to trade under the name Eden Futures.


The day to day operations of the group are managed in three regions.